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As the leading European supplier of liquid nitrogen cryosurgical equipment Cortex Technology offers a complete range of treatment units, accessories and storage tanks. Combining our extensive experience with the most up-to-date design features we proudly present the CryoPro® series of cryosurgical treatment units providing outstanding performance in terms of safety, ease of operation and reliability. Further, the CryoPro® offers full compatibility with other popular liquid nitrogen units, i.e. spray apertures and contact probes for other systems may be used with the CryoPro® units as well.

The CryoPro® is available in two sizes: CryoPro® Maxi with 500 ml capacity (20 – 24 hrs. static holding time) and CryoPro® Mini offering a 350 ml capacity (12 – 14 hrs. static holding time). Each unit comes with a set of spray applicators for most common lesions (e.g. warts, small tumors etc.). Optionally, contact probes are available in various sizes. These probes are particularly useful to control the lateral spread of the freeze (e.g. near the eye or in the oral cavity). Contact probes are selected to fit the actual lesion, and they offer a deep freeze with minimal lateral spread.

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Maxi 500ml, Mini 350ml