Skin Cancer Devices



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    Your working comfort is our mission.
    OPTICLUX has everything a modern magnifi er luminaire is meant to have:
    a robust magnifi er with 1.9x magnifi cation, the latest LED modules,
    ergonomically tested arm joints and intuitive operation. OPTICLUX’s biggest
    plus is its daylight-quality light field, its outstanding color rendering properties
    and its maintenance-free life cycle. As an approved medical device, it can
    be versatilely used in dermatology, human medicine, dentistry and veterinary
    medicine, in laboratories and for monitoring sterilized products.

    OPTICLUX with Wood Light

    The special model variant for dermatologists, veterinarians and forensic medicine combines two lighting modes in one
    device: daylight white illumination and Wood light. This means that different examinations can be performed with just one
    light. Other Wood luminaires require the room to be completely darkened. Thanks to powerful BLB LEDs, the Opticlux
    doesn’t need this. That means more time for the patient.

    For radiation of certain dermatomycoses to obtain diagnostic indications based on the fluorescence that occurs:

    • ERYTHRASMA (red fluorescence)
      • MICROSPORIA (weak green fl uorescence)
      • FAVUS (bilious green fl uorescence)
      • TRICHOBACTERIOSIS AXILLARIS (yellow ochre colored fl uorescence)
      • PITYRIASYS VERSICOLOR (yellow ochre colored fl uorescence)
      • TUBEROUS SCHLEROSIS (blue-white fl uorescence versus normal skin)
      • VITILIGO (blue-white fl uorescence of depigmented areas)
      • SCABIES (gray-white mite tracks)
      Also for fluorescence diagnostics (FD) for in-vivo diagnostics of dysplastic
      tissues and surface tumors in connection with local or systemically applied
      pigment, such as PPIX or 5-ALA.