Visiano 20-2 LED Examination Lights

Wherever it is necessary to have the highest standards of vision,
uncompromising lighting is essential. Whether in a GP practice or
at the dermatologist’s office, in ENT or gynecology and particularly in
sensitive wards such as neonatology and intensive care: The VISIANO 20-2
is versatile and dependable. Thanks to its unique design, modern lighting
technology and highest quality of light, it ensures optimal examination

• Highest lighting quality
Thanks to a concave lighting head design, diamond optics and
premium LEDs, homogeneous light field and high illuminance,
low shadowing, excellent color rendering (CRI > 95, R13> 93)
• Long service life, safe and economical
low power consumption, built-in converter, maintenance-free
housing, high-quality aluminium arm system and durable
friction joints
• Maximum reach and ergonomics
360° rotation of the luminaire head, long arm reach
• Four dimming levels
Repeatable luminous intensities, also as ambient indirect
lighting in sensitive areas
• Approved safety


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