The CryoIQ® product line offers the practitioner an extensive choice of device configurations and accessories for a safe, effective and portable treatment of skin imperfections and any other application specific pathology.

A unique feature of the CryoIQ® device in cryotherapy is the offering of two freezing modalities, liquid spray freezing and contact surface freezing. Whilst other devices either offer one or the other, CryoIQ® gives the practitioner the possibility to adapt his treatment protocol to the need required for an effective and fast treatment result.

Our devices are portable, compact, affordable and easy to use by a licensed professional. The cryogen used is nitrous oxide which is delivered with pinpoint accuracy to the lesion at a constant freezing temperature of -89 °C/-128 °F and a freezing power of 725 psi / 50 bar. The penetration of the lesion is 1 mm per 4 seconds of freeze, with a maximum of 5-6 mm thickness and 25 seconds of freeze.


Comparison table

  Contact CryoIQ® device
Accessories Spray Surface DERM PRO EquiMED
Fixed, permanently attached          
Standard liquid applicator, 10 mm 1-6 mm      
Contact applicators   1 mm    
    3 mm    
    5 mm    
Standard liquid applicator, 10 mm 1-6 mm    
Dermatology applicator 1, 22 mm 1-6 mm    
Dermatology applicator 2, 22 mm 7-18 mm    
Dermatology applicator 3, 22 mm 9-22 mm    
Contact applicators   1 mm  
    3 mm  
    5 mm  
    7 mm  
Long applicator, 13cm 7-18 mm      
Angled applicator, 45°, 8cm 7-18 mm      
16g Nitrous Oxide      
25g Nitrous Oxide      
40g Nitrous Oxide        
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