• Liquid Spray Freezing:
    Provides millimeter precision freezing to the treatment site through micro capillaries.
    Contact Freezing:
    Closed tip applicators are cooled off by the cryogen before placing onto the lesion for a hassle-free contact freezing.

    Advantages of veterinary cryosurgery:

    • Inexpensive procedure because anesthesia and sterile preparation not necessary (out-patient procedure).
    • Fast and efficient treatment, less time needed for the veterinarian in a busy office.
    • Minimal to none pre-or post- operative care.
    • No general anesthesia needed in the majority of the treatments.
    • The tissue and surrounding blood vessels freeze which causes its own numbing, making it practically painless and bloodless.
    • Lower risks of complication, less pain and quicker healing.
  • Nitrous Oxide delivery It’s so incredibly accurate.


  • Liquid nitrogen treatment units