Dynamify- the Benefits

Especially for our Rural & Remote Practitioners, more importantly, those who are in a skin training environment or mentoring role, the Dynamify Wireless digital Dermatoscope has been assisting greatly for the following reasons:

  1. Provides for easy access to patient images from any monitor/pc in a network practice. This means that while a health practioner is completing an examination in one room, a supervising doctor can be reviewing images in another or at a later time. Providing for potential workflow improvements and educational components of skin lesion aspects.
  2. Through its simple software, it standardizes the format and process of sequential monitoring very easily. By way of providing comparison of lesions either side by side or up to 4 image comparison on a single screen per lesion. With the ability to measure and comment on the details at hand, again supporting the ability for education & development aspects.
  3. Screenshot (31)
  4. From a practice perspective the Wireless camera enables the camera to come to the patient again assisting with workflow & not limiting the screening process to a particular room. Not to mention the ergonomic benefits of not having a cable restricting movement and obtaining images.
  5. The Patient engagement has proven to be impressive. They can see what you are seeing, as it is displayed real time in front of them. The unknown is now visible assisting with determining strategies moving forward.


Please check the very short video links on our website to demonstrate the above opportunities. https://ausderm.com.au/aus-product-category/skin-cancer-devices/


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